Water, Water Everywhere.

But not a drop in our products.

Booming Bob is an oil-based skin care series, completely waterless. Only potent and nourishing oils, waxes and plant extracts are used. All ingredients are listed on the front of the product and are selected for their minimal impact on the environment, their function and quality.

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Undiluted Skin.

Booming Bob’s products are natural, clean and undiluted. Water is never used, only oil, wax and plant extracts.

Learn more about why you should choose an oil for your skin.

A facial oil can be used as a single skin care product, but is advantageously integrated as a step in a skin care routine that also includes moisturizing products, such as serum and moisturizer. To get the most out of your skin care, you can usually apply all water-soluble (moisturizing) products first and then oil-based, to lock in the moisture. Feel free to let each product sink into the skin before applying the next one. If you prefer a simpler routine, you can use oil at night and a moisturizer during the day, or mix a few drops of oil into your moisturizer.

Base oils are so-called “carrier oils” that have been given their name for transporting essential oils, as these should not be used undiluted on the skin. Base oils are also used just as they are, for their oilyt and protective properties. They are usually extracted from nuts, seeds and grains. Base oils have different properties and are mainly selected based on the degree of dryness, fatty acid profile, absorption and skin type. The oils also have other properties, such as vitamin content and antioxidants, which vary depending on the nut, kernel from which the oil is extracted. You can advantageously mix two or more base oils to tailor the oil to your own skin.

Our blended oils are designed to fit a specific skin type and purpose. They consist of a number of base oils, essential oils and natural extracts. The ingredients are selected for their functions and to create a complete oil for those who do not want to mix their own. When building a mixed oil, factors such as fatty acid profile, antioxidants, vitamins, dryness and absorbency are taken into account.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, fragrant oils that are extracted from various plant parts where they appear pre-formed. An essential oil is the very essence of the plant it comes from, in which it performs a natural function by deterring pests and attracting pollinators. The word ethereal means “volatile” and describes the scent of the oil, which easily evaporates and spreads in the air. Essential oils have many uses, the most common of which are in aromatherapy, skin care and cleaning products.

The concept of fragrance notes is often recognized by the perfume world, when a perfume is made up of a top note, a middle note and a base note. Essential oils are categorized based on which fragrance note they belong to and when they are scented e.g. in a body oil, it is advisable to use all three notes to create a more complete and long lasting scent.

The three fragrance notes:

​Top notes

The top note is the first scent you sense. It is often intense at first, but disappears rather quickly. The top note often finds a fresh, light and fruity tone. The molecules in the top note are generally smaller and are therefore more volatile than the heavier notes.

​Middle notes

The middle note appears a little later in a fragrance combination, when the top note has begun to evaporate. The middle note is often floral or spicy and complements the top and base notes. The base note delays further before it appears and is not as intense as the top note, but all the more important when it is based on this one you build a fragrance combination.

Base notes

The bass note is often soft, woody or spicy. On the packaging of Booming Bob’s essential oils you will find which fragrance note and oil you have, as well as recommended fragrance combinations.

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Booming Bob treasures sustainability more than anything else. From cultivation to final product, we strive to reduce our climate footprint through innovation and partnership with our growers.

Transparency is thus a keyword.



Each Booming Bob product package is made of 100% recycled and FSC certified paper.

On the colored page is a guide that describes, among other things, the product origin.